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Still in NW Florida not far from the Gulf. We only live ten miles from our small town. As many are still digging out or freezing I counted one group of 30 bikers going south, then maybe ten more,  three bikes at the tiny truck stop, and more behind me headed north. All this in a short time over ten miles of road.

It's not riding season every day. But sure more often than in the midwest. Only problem is we don't have a bike.

Yet our kids and friends wonder why we haven't moved…


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Moving Home

With mixed feelings after retiring and living over 21 years in sunny warm Florida we are returning to Pekin to be closer to kids, friends, and family while a few are still with us.

Hopefully we can finally meet some members and join in the events you have back there.Some say you can't go back. But we are gonna…


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My Christmas Story

    It’s been about five years since I’ve seen or heard from my only brother. He’s two years younger. We had no sisters and were always very close. For years after retiring he and his wife lived in a campground in Bull Head City, Az. But they eventually moved back nearer our hometown to Peoria, Ill the next city north. Since we now live in North central Florida we…


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Friends, Bikes, and Boobs

     --I accidentally found this bike forum while trying to get back on a similarly named group I also belong to. It surprised me because I was born and raised in the Pekin/Peoria area. I…


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From Pekin to The Florida Boonies

Born and partially raised in Pekin, Illinois. Married my high school sweet heart after graduating Pekin High in 1957. Her parents wandered down to Pekin from Redwood Falls, Minn.  56 years Oct 2013 and she's still my…


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