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Additional Information to the April 2016 Article

If you know me you are aware there has been the loss of several friends in the last couple of months: the one this week just seemed to take the air right out of me. But, it is also why I am feel so strongly about doing this series. The ability to control how you choose to live is an invaluable thing; and if you do not have it, there is nothing which will replace it.

On to the information I spoke of in the article:

A link to the actual Illinois State Statute regarding HCPOA:

A guide by for those considering this document:

A link to the document itself:

A useful page with FAQ regarding HCPOA:

New facts for 2015:

More information regarding changes:

Information on creating document:

Article about recording the HCPOA:

If you live outside Illinois just use Google and there should be links to what's applicable in your State.

I feel frustrated I will not be able to communicate as passionately as I want to how very important this document is. It's so much about living and choices you can make. There can be an accident, you can get a poor doctor or a bad hospital: the ability to correct things and get proper care is life or death. Just sometimes, when you are injured and helpless, people in places of authority don't respect your wishes or take them seriously. It should never happen, but it can. To have someone you know you can trust, with the ability to change this if it happens, is so important: to you it is a matter of survival; to those who care it is so much better than being frustrated and impotent in the face of knowing what needs to be done and not able to help.

Should you create a HCPOA and change your mind about any aspect about the directive, they absolutely are changeable at any time and/or revocable.

If you execute one and receive regular medical care it is best to make your doctor and hospital aware of these documents. As motorcyclists, a problem arises as we travel with making any health care provider aware we have this. I have always carried a notice in my wallet that one exists and where it is recorded. I also frequently have taken a printed copy on trips: I am now thinking of putting a copy of the document on my phone and a notice of that in my wallet. Unfortunately Illinois is not included in the list of States using a national registry of these documents – go figure. Another idea I am personally going to check out is here:

If I have not convinced you yet, try and catch up with me at a BikerSpot event – I will plead and beg and talk your ear off if that will help. Seriously, if you have a question do contact me and I will most certainly try to find an answer for you. I know there are Legal services which will answer questions for free or a nominal fee. If you are an ABATE member check with them also.

Sending out Holiday wishes to everyone who follows BikerSpot Magazine @

And now for the required bit whenever an article like this is written:

This article and any data it contains is for informational purposes only. Neither Justa Byker, TheBikerSpot magazine or, LLC make any representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information contained therein and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.

Until next month, Safe travels and Happy Trails...

Justa Byker

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