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     --I accidentally found this bike forum while trying to get back on a similarly named group I also belong to. It surprised me because I was born and raised in the Pekin/Peoria area. I hope to find some old friends we rode bikes with and went cruising with in our old street rods and antique cars.
     --Working long hours and rasing a family, we slowly drifted apart. Retiring to Florida in 1994 made finding those old friends impossible. Along came this internet thing and a new world opened up. If only I knew how to use it properly!

     ---With the thoughts of maybe seeing some old friends here as members, I began adding pictures of us and our toys in hopes those old friends may find me. As far as I know I don't owe any of them money and none are out to kill me. So the plan seems like a good one. I've already found a few friends here who are on other biker forums I'm on. There is hope!
      ----As a bonus the first blog  I saw  here so far was about a bike event only 50 miles from our Florida home. As I checked it further I realized my wife and I had attended several of the events listed and the photos brought back memories of our first years here on the West coast of northern Florida and around Daytona. Those are the types of adult  events we love.
       ----We are not quite angels but the brief time I died while in ICU the devil sent me back. We really do believe in angels. As I added photos of bike events I was cautious of posting topless pictures of my girlfriend, my wife, and partner. No I'm not a Mormon. It's all the same woman.

      ---Being new here I have no idea what the rules on nudity and profanity are. Maybe I should have checked. I feel this is a family forum so came up with a plan. I am adding a new and separate photo allbum for FRIENDS ONLY called BOOBS AND BIKES. Of course right now I have no friends here but hope to get one...or even two.
       ---From our very early motorcycle rally experiences more than 50+ years ago to the present we've found out that bikes, boobs, babes, and booze go together. We rarely partake any booze, other than an occasional cold beer. Sadly we don't even have a bike now that we retired. But thanks to my wife, who is now old enough to know better, I still take bike and boob pictures.

     ----After we both had a few death scares we deleted or burned almost all old risque' pictures. So what I do have are mostly of bike events since 1994 in and around the Peoria/Pekin and central Florida area. Most old friends know of our games and hopefully a few will show up here, among new friends who love bikes,babes, boobs, and maybe booze.
      ---If bare boobs or butts offend you please do not open my new album. For years we worried what others thought. So far it's actually helped make good friends and those not interested in nudity don't seem to care. 


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