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Born and partially raised in Pekin, Illinois. Married my high school sweet heart after graduating Pekin High in 1957. Her parents wandered down to Pekin from Redwood Falls, Minn.  56 years Oct 2013 and she's still my sweetheart.
     Got my first old car, a 1931 Model A coupe in 1958. Bought many small motorcycles cheap to fix, play with, ride, and sell. After finding out a Honda 150 was not a high speed road bike and didn't keep up with our friends with Nortons, BSA, and various Harleys, I bought a 1950 Harley Hydraglide in 1965. It was among the last of the tank shift models.
Original right down to the leather bags and silver buckles with wide white walls. Not exactly a Kool bike.

     Altho a sloppy shifting slow old bike we kept and rode it until just before retiring to Florida in June 1994. Could have traded even for a new 80's model while visiting the Harley factory. But that old bike never let us down and always knew where to go. A little Miracle Oil in the gas tank kept it purring.
    Lost track of how many overhauls, tires, and tanks of fuel I put in that ole black bike. For many years I rode to work year around except if it was snowing at 3AM when I got up.
   We rode to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive twice. Up one side of the Mississippi River from Nauvoo up to where it sort of begins and down the other side to Burlington, I.  Another time we continued down the west side to New Orleans and back. Our home during those trips was a one man pup tent and a $1 air float. We could never live thru that at our age now.

    Drove a truck hauling big yeller parts and swore I was moving to Florida when I retired. Ended up near the Suwanne River in the boonies. Been here over 19 years and this is home now. We still come back to Pekin to harrass our kids, family, and the few friends who are left. Some know me as Model T.
   Attended the last 3 or 4 Pekin downtown bike and car shows and met some great bikers and car folks.
Seems odd. We got run outta town for hot roddin down Court Street when I was young. Now they open  the city for the cars, bikes, and people.
   We didn't know about this magazine or all the great biker bars around Pekin. "Yesterdays" on Ct. St. and a few others are our temporary hangouts, plus a few in Canton. Now we know of more places to cause trouble.

     While snoopin around here I already noticed several friends from other bike sites. Guess I better go agitate them too. We ain't bikers now. But we sometimes fool the wanna be's. Our plan was to buy another after we got settled in.  #@it happens. Still dreamin of a trike now.  Attend as many bike events, poker runs, and other things that we can get to. Lots of those down here where they ride all year.

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