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With mixed feelings after retiring and living over 21 years in sunny warm Florida we are returning to Pekin to be closer to kids, friends, and family while a few are still with us.
Hopefully we can finally meet some members and join in the events you have back there.Some say you can't go back. But we are gonna travel down Memory Lane. Yep, bought a house on Memory Lane just out of town. Next best thing to living on five acres in the boonies.

Update.........9-3-2015.>It ain't as easy moving again as we expected. Still in Florida with more crap than we know what to do with. But our daughter sold their nearly new home and are living in our Pekin home till their next new home is finished.

Will we ever move home? Right now we don't care. We love living in the boonies of Florida. Wherever you are, visit as many friends as you can, ride someplace when you are not working. Life gets shorter everyday.

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